Our Physiotherapist, Fiona Gerity, has been qualified and state registered since 1979 and is a member of the Health Professionals Council. After 9 years working in the NHS she went into private practice as this allowed her to spend more time with each patient. She has extensive experience in the treatment of:


Sports Injuries Neck & Back Pain Postural and functional imbalances Headaches caused by neck or upper back dysfunction Post operative rehabilitation Neurological Problems e.g. strokes

She has also been the Physiotherapist for Tiverton Rugby Club for the last 20 years.

Treatment offered depends on the type and severity of injury; An initial assessment takes 1 hour and during this time we will ask you a series of questions, followed by a physical examination, which allows us to gain an understanding of your problem.

After this assessment an action plan and diagnosis will be explained and treatment started as appropriate. Our aim is to help relieve symptoms and to restore correct body alignment and movement patterns to enable you to return to your previous functional level with least risk of future problems.

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